The True Veg Farm & Food Store concept is an absolute novelty in 2020!

In the second half of the year, it will open in the metropolis of Budapest, the capital of Hungary and is the first of its kind in Europe. This will be followed by further farms and stores in well-known European cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Luxembourg and so on.

From Farm to Fork -
eating fresh is the best!

All our products arrive within 1-2 hours on the plate of our client after harvesting.

Our produce is grown locally, picked at the height of freshness, and delivered to our clients within hours of harvest. It’s the next best thing to growing it yourself!

Our True Veg Farm can exist in any urban environment. The first one is located in the heart of the city of Budapest, Hungary,  just a short distance away from where you live and shop. This means we can deliver daily fresh produce within hours, compared to traditional produce which often takes 5-7 days, loosing nutrients, vitamins and flavour. 





Our True Veg indoor farms create the ideal conditions for growing sustainable, on the highest level of nutrients & vitamins, the purest healthiest imaginable produce locally.

We're on a mission...

Our mission is to make incredible good and fresh greens accessible for everyone – locally. 

We are dedicated to offer the best produce we can to ensure highest quality levels. 

The True Veg Farm Family

We are a proud transforming agriculture for the better with our up-to-date sustainable indoor vertical robotic farming technology on a global basis. Using the latest in data science, AI and machine learning, we can ensure the best taste, highest quality greens from seed to package, while using up to 95% less water, 0 % pesticides & 0 % herbicides and a fraction of our planet’s precious resources (with up to 390 x  the productivity of field farming on just 1% of the land). We are proud to be part of the new generation of farming for a better & safe future to feed our global population. Good for our environment, good for our planet! Healthy food for everyone! 

True Veg Vertical Farming

Simplified, Hydroponics is growing plants with water, nutrients and oxygen in a controlled environment. The word hydroponics is derived from two Greek words: ‚hydro‘ meaning water and ‚ponos‘ meaning labor. Hydroponic production can be with or without the use of an artificial medium (such as perlite, sand, gravel, peat, or sawdust) to provide mechanical support.

If you have ever suspended the pit from an avocado over water in a glass, or grown a sweet potato plant in water as part of a classroom experiment, you were using an elementary hydroponic system! Although you may have only used water, a true hydroponics garden combines the use of water, a substrate, and a nutrient solution to grow plants quickly in far less space than a traditional garden. The majority of hydroponic gardens are used to grow vegetables. However this gardening method is also a great solution for creating unique flower gardens indoors or outdoors using a variety of container options.

True Veg Vertical Farming
vs. Traditional Farming

Check out the difference

TRUE VEG Vertical Farming


0.4 ha of a vertical farm correspond to 4-8 ha of land with traditional cultivation, depending on the crop


Around 90% of the crops planted can really be harvested

70%-95% LESS WATER

Depending on the method, hydroponic vertical farming uses 70-90% less fresh water 


No need for long distance transport decreasing the use of fossil fuels, ensuring quality and minimizing carbon footprint

Traditional Farming

80% LAND

arable land is already in use


50% of crops planted are not harvestable, because they were either inferior seeds or the plants do not thrive


70% of fresh water globally is used for soil-based farming, 50-80% is lost due to evaporation and runoff


Food travels on average 1500 to 2500 km on its way from fields to our plates

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