How do we grow our products?

We control every aspect of the growing process: from seed to store ensuring quality and care at every single step.

Our seeds

We source from partners who spend nearly a decade developing the ideal seed, rather than relying on GMOs.

Close to home

By planting our crops indoors in vertical rows, we can grow as close as possible to the communities we serve.

Ideal conditions

Our controlled indoor growing environment allows us to grow the purest vegetables possible year round – 24/7! 

Light source

LED lights mimic the full spectrum of the sun and provide the plants with the light they need to grow quickly.

Computerized farming

By meticulously monitoring the growing process and capturing a tremendous amount of data along the way, we’re able to we remove the estimation methodology. We can give our crops exactly what they need and nothing more – from nutrients and water to light.


We use purified water to deliver the same nutrients you would find in the highest quality soil. And by providing our plants with only the exact amount of water required, we’re able to use 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

Crop cycles

Our crop cycles are much faster and more frequent than traditional agriculture. The more we grow, the more data we collect, allowing us to optimize and automate key parts of the process.

Smart & Delicious

Thanks to sophisticated analytics, we’re able to harvest each crop at the exact right time, ensuring flavour is at its prime.

Computerized Farming

iFarm Growtune is based on an adaptive protocol that employs computer vision, machine learning, all the data about thousands of plants collected from a distributed network of farms and also open data. That is why it is perfectly suitable for vertical farming.

iFarm Growtune main features:

  • Self-improvement of the quality characteristics of the crops
  • Automatic microclimate control
  • Instant adjustment of the growth plan
  • Image-based assessment of plant weight and maturity Management of the robotic systems
  • Maximum capacity utilisation
  • Production cost optimisation

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Main information about our farm





No Herbicides.

No Pesticides.

Less Water.

Less Land.

No Pesticides & No Herbicides
True Veg Farms ensures there are no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides used on our greens. Even organic can’t say the same.
No rinsing required, read to eat products
Our process is simple. We start with non-GMO seeds and water, add the power of sunshine though LED Lights and voilà: perfect produce. Growing in an indoor vertical farming facility like ours allows to control everything in and around the greens, so one can trust the salad is ready to eat, right out of the box, always fresh, safe and heathy!
Clean & Green
True Veg Farms are completely hydroponic. This means our crops are grown in water instead of soil. Our method allows us to use up to 95 % less water, up to 90 % less arable land, and up to 95 % less CO2 due to short-distance transport only. On top of being more sustainable, our indoor vertical farming facility with fully automatic robotic systems gives the plants a happy, sunny home, all year round, anywhere in the world, even in winter. The produce is always available seasonally independent!
Less Water
Our hydroponic system technology allows the water to recirculate and no agricultural runoff – and uses 7 x less water than any conventional agriculture. This means that any water not taken up by the plants is recaptured and used over and over again.
Less Land
We use a mineral-based, nutrient-rich solution added to the water to nourish our plants in this environment. Giving the plants the perfect conditions in which they need to grow results in higher yields compared to conventional agriculture, so we use up to 10x less land than field grounds.
CO2 Reduction through Less Fuel 
Our True Veg Farm Indoor vertical farming facility is located close to the communities and locations in the city in Budapest, Hungary, it feeds. Our spunky chain is short and sweet. We only need to overcome short local distance instead of shipping produce around the globe as conventional agriculture.
Note: Did you know that Organic does NOT equal pesticide-free?
Organic greens can (and do!) use pesticides. Sometimes there are all natural, sometimes they are not. Growing, harvesting, and packing indoors allows us the highest level of control over pests and disease.

See what we produce

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We offer the highest quality of products

We only work with eco organic seeds

We produce 24/7 all year around

We are in close distance (max 5 km away from your restaurant, catering, home)

We only produce limited produce and customised made to be able to always keep up the quality and customer service for each of our clients independently

Our clients have 12 month contracts with us and therewith secure their produce at a stable price level

Though our own brand we provide more customer satisfaction

We always work on new receipts and have regular workshops & trainings for the chefs as well our own YouTube Channel

We always create new limited edition and special products, like old sorts, which are not existing anymore in the market

We produce customised special products for our clients

We have a 24/7 customer service hotline

Our produce are ready to use, no need to wash or rinse, for the chefs easy to use

We don’t need longer than max 1 hour for delivery after ordering

Easy pick-up or drop-off service

Easy online orders through our online ordering system

We provide our clients a special certifications for their restaurants that they are members of True Veg Farm and only using True Veg Farm products in their restaurants

Our clients know exactly where their orders are coming from and where they were produces under the highest in house quality control in our True Veg Farm facility

Though our PR & marketing our clients have their benefit too through linkage to our website

Our clients will be able to increase their turnover and sales thought our own brand produces for take away in his facilities if needed