Our Mission

By 2050 more than 10 billion people will be living in Cities all over the world!
The reason that we need to convert standard farming from landscaping to vertical mode: 
Food Security! Farming methods that don’t rely on traditional agriculture, with its risk of bad harvests amid uncontrollable weather, become very attractive businesses. Vertical Farms like ours can produce fruits & vegetables, 24/7 all year around totally season independent and weather indecent. In theory we operate right in the center of our city of Budapest, Hungary in a radius of 5 km. Our business could be the step into changing how we eat. Our business aim is to reconnect to Hungarian consumers with local products wile reducing food miles so CO2 and food waste.
Our True Veg Farms are based on our industry brand Eponic Agriculture Europe, hydroponic indoor vertical farming innovation full automatic robotic systems farming technologies www.eponicagriculture.eu. Eponic Agriculture Europe, member of True Veg Group of companies, is the complete solution for industry growing of indoor vertical hydroponic farms with our automated fresh farming technology on the highest level, which is already established in Asia, the United States and Australia. Since 2020 Eponic Agriculture is also based in Europe and GCC States.
We are using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments. We grow all year around areas that might not be otherwise used or conductive, this is the base for our vertical hydroponic farming to meet demands. Our hydroponic innovative farming system is set up as a modular system for easy expansion, robotics assist in arrows task of the process and expert advice. We are using AutocropTM , which includes everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, lighting. It is the perfect high quality of vertical farming systems, that commercial growers and to produce optimal crop yields at cost effective prices locally. Our hydroponic innovation indoor vertical farming technologies brand, Eponic Agriculture Europe, member of True Veg Group of companies, was established in order to help cities become self-sufficient in their food pro-action while significantly improving the safety, quality and environmental footprint of our food.
This is our first True Veg Farm & Urban City Farming Concept with Farming Facility for the metropolitan city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Help us to make our food and the world a little better – step by step. 

Frank Ruetten & Angela Simon

Founders, Owners & Management
of True Veg Group


We produce absolutely local – the carbon footprint of every single plant grown is close to Zero.


The controlled environment of the greenhouse protects the plants from uncontrollable outside elements such as adverse weather conditions and insects, helping to greatly minimise the need for pesticides and herbicides.


Less water, less food waste, more vitamins, faster growing – these are just some of the advantages of hydroponic growing. 

At True Veg Farms, our environmental impact is very important too us and the heart of what we do. Traditional agriculture takes a massive toll on the planet’s natural resources, our mission is that we are transforming agriculture to flip the paradigm of exploitation to one of preservation and conservation, this is the new way of future farming. 

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the perfect results.

Owners, Founders & Management

Frank Ruetten

Founder, Owner & Management of True Veg Group of Companies

Angela Simon

Founder, Owner & Management of True Veg Group of Companies

Tibor Székács

Managing Director of True Veg Group of Companies

Business & Project Planning and Development

Christian Kronsteiner

Business Development Director Global

Attila Varfalvi

Operations Director

Gabor Marton

Finance Business Plan
& EU Funds Expert

Wolfram Sievert

Head Advisor & Engineer

Hydroponic Training Department

Cathrin Scheuner

Hydroponic Advisor & Trainings

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