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The unified supervising center for all vertical farms processes

iFarm Growtune — is a SaaS platform for automated vertical farming. With iFarm Growtune you do not need a special degree to start growing.

Its control system offers a library of ready-made plant growth recipes, and online tools to enable anyone to harvest a variety of more than 120 crops within precisely predicted times.

To ensure best quality and yield iFarm Growtune relies on such modern technologies as:

IoT sensors and controllers, automated irrigation and climate control systems, computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML).


Growing edible plants at large scales is not an easy enterprise, which can be both technically and financially demanding. On top of that farm owners face the challenge of hiring highly qualified staff whose salaries can constitute up to 60% of all expenditures.

By reducing the amount of work that needs to be done manually, iFarm helps to decrease labour costs by 20%, thus lowering the end-cost of each kg of produce .

How can iFarm achieve that?

They have built a team of specialists in agriculture and agrochemistry, crop protection, production managers and automation engineers. Their expertise is available to all iFarm clients in the form of a library with plant growth recipes. Combined with a set of online-tools, it enables smooth management of vertical farms of any brand.

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